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Building Bridges Counseling Center was founded by Larry Kerkhoff with a vision of bringing together a group of professionally trained Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Coaches, and Psychologists with high standards of professional care. The location of downtown Monterey was chosen to be close to Highway 1 North and South as well as Highway 68 to make it easy for clients from not only Monterey, but Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Del Rey Oaks, Seaside, Sand City, Marina, Salinas, Castorville, Prunedale and Watsonville to get to the facility. We are located within walking distance of the bus depot, four colleges, two High Schools, and a Middle School. We especially want to reach out to students and families of students who are having difficulties coping with family, school, relationship, and/or life changing events.

Our vision was to create a comfortable home-style feel with large rooms and a warm and inviting atmosphere. There is an extensive library where clients can peruse books that are appropriate for the struggles they are experiencing.

Each therapist and coach was carefully chosen and each have unique gifts and areas of expertise. Each one is an independent contractor and rents office space at the center. They are not employees of Building Bridges Counseling Center. Each Individual sets their own schedule and rates. They may elect to get on certain insurance panels or only decide to use private pay. These questions should be discussed in the initial telephone or email consultation with the individual Therapist, Coach or Psychologist. Please provide a brief reason for seeking therapy and your Health Insurance company (if you plan to use) in the initial message. It also helps to include your schedule of availability. Please read the various therapist's and coach's biographies and suggest a desired person to return your request. Please note that your preferred individual might not be able to accept your insurance.  

Each step of the therapeutic process is designed to make coming in for a session as painless as possible. Many clients find the sessions uplifting and look forward to coming back. Our goal is to provide you with the therapeutic tools needed to add to your emotional and relationship toolbox. Our hope is that you gain the knowledge needed to become your own therapist or coach in the future to weather the small storms of life. We want to be there in future times of need or for an emotional checkup. You go in for periodic physical preventative health checkups. Wouldn't it be wise to follow the same tried and true methods to ensure your mental and emotional health?

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