Uncoupling (Divorce) Counseling

It is our intent to "hold the hope" and work with you to put the pieces of your broken relationship back together. Unfortunately, there are times when there are "no coals left to blow on to rekindle the fire". One or both might be "checked out" or ready to move on. In some cases one individual "submitted" to going to marriage counseling under pressure and already knew they were going to divorce.

In these sad instances, we would like to be there to walk that rocky and emotional path with you. We do not give legal advice and are not there to help mediate or divide assets. We are there to help work through the emotions so the business part of divorce can happen in a humane manner. We will meet individually with each participant or meet with both participants in rare occasions. 

We are also there to help keep the focus on the children being affected by the divorce. Attorneys are much more expensive than therapists. The more civil, helpful, and honest the communication can be between the parties, the easier it will be deciding the business end of the divorce and the less the legal costs will be. Each individual will also move through the process with less anger and resentment if communication can be civil. 

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