Premarital Counseling

"Marriage is an adventure. It helps to have a guide." Prepare/Enrich Brochure

A person's wedding day is a very significant day. Many brides, grooms, and families obsess with getting everything just perfect for that special day. Much money is spent on clothing, food, flowers, gifts, pictures and all the other costs associated with a wedding. It is important to celebrate that special day. On the other hand, wouldn't it seem feasible to spend a little money on supporting the marriage before and after that special day as well as increasing the chances for success? We think so and are here to help couples navigate their path prior to, and just after, their wedding day.

Each therapist has training and experience working with couples before and after marriage. The therapist may ask the couple if they want to use the Prepare/Enrich assessment for pre-married couples.This tool helps the therapist and couple discuss the following areas: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Partner Styles and Habits, Financial Management, Leisure Activities, Sexual Expectations, Family and Friends, Relationship Roles, and Spiritual Beliefs. It also assesses Overall Satisfaction, Relationship Dynamics, Personal Stress Profile, Marriage Expectations and Parenting Expectations.

The assessment is not a test and does not predict the likeliness of the success of the marriage. It is a tool to help the couple discuss areas that might not have been discussed previously in a safe and nurturing setting. Couples learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. It also helps the couple at an early stage in their relationship realize the benefits of a qualified therapist who can help them work through their differences. Seeing the benefits of a therapist early in the relationship hopefully makes it easier for either member of the couple to suggest counseling later on when differences in opinion rise to the level of discourse negatively affecting the marriage.

What a great gift to give yourselves or for a family member or friend to give to the couple at this very special time of life. Payment can be arranged if you want to give this as a lasting gift to the couple. 

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